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Consider These Services to Better Compete in Today's Job Market and Grow in Your Career!

At Mariner Career Services, my mission is to help people succeed at getting jobs and growing in their careers. I assist clients with a wide range of needs which include breaking into the job market following graduation, making career changes, overcoming unemployment or underemployment, and exploring "encore" careers or new directions at or near retirement. I also assist clients with various needs to enable them to perform their jobs at a higher level. My services include:

A free initial phone consultation. In the course of providing a service quote, I start off by asking a few preliminary questions in learning about you and your career goals and interests. The initial phone consultation is offered at no cost and is made available simply as a means to ensure that my services are a good fit with your needs.

Career navigation assistance. If you have a general idea of your career direction but would like focused, extended assistance to better envision and articulate possible options, I offer career navigation support. During one or more discussion sessions, I can help you with more fully identifying and defining your strengths, goals and experiences so you can ultimately be better understood, appreciated and valued by employers. The outcomes of these discussions can be used to feed into the development of a new resume or LinkedIn profile.

Resumes. In today's rapid-paced, extremely competitive job market, you have mere seconds to make a strong first impression with a potential employer in showing what you have to offer. I can assist you with creating a high-impact resume written and designed to capture the attention of potential employers so you can better compete for the job you want. In addition, your new resume will include key branding or positioning words to clearly convey the value that you have to offer. And in the course of doing this, I will ensure that keywords are strategically placed in your resume to optimize or increase your document's suitability for today's applicant tracking systems.

I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted an offer as a Director of Finance. Your resume generated more hits and interview opportunities than my old resume. I am very, very impressed."

— S.N., Hutchinson, Minnesota

While all of the resumes that I create are written and designed to help clients compete to the best of their ability, I also create "breakout resumes" to help clients break out of or to make transitions from their present career to opportunities in new fields or employment sectors. Along with embracing my normal standards in uncovering and fully articulating client value, I create these resumes by identifying and spotlighting key skills and areas of experience that are especially critical to pursuing opportunities in a new career field.

Cover letters. An effective cover letter is an important part of any job search. I can create a cover letter that is strategic and selective with its content and that as a result complements your resume to generate interest in you as a candidate.

LinkedIn profiles. With millions of users worldwide across all employment sectors, LinkedIn has become a critical tool for both job seekers and employers. I can assist you with creating a compelling, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile to help you increase your ability to be found by hiring managers and recruiters and to grow your network.

Personal statements and bios. I assist clients with creating personal statements for graduate school applications and bios for competitive bid proposals, websites and marketing collateral, as well as other purposes.

Interviewing. I assist clients with strategies and insights to increase their ability to interview effectively and attract job offers. During these sessions, I work with clients on approaches for responding to standard and behavioral questions, as well as on how to handle critical thinking questions and types of questions to ask employers. In addition, I provide information on general interviewing practices to enable clients to interview with greater confidence.

Interview follow-up letters. Submitting a letter following an interview is a highly recommended tactic. By doing so, a job seeker can thank an employer for the opportunity to interview as well as present other information in further creating a strong impression as a candidate. I can help you create a follow-up letter to emphasize points that you did not get a chance to make during your interview or to revisit points that you would like to reinforce or clarify to help strengthen your overall presentation.

Seminars, workshops and instructional programs. I prepare and deliver seminars, workshops and instructional programs for educational institutions and other organizations on topics that include resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile development as well as interviewing preparation.

Portfolios. For executives, professionals and others who want to go beyond a resume presentation to further differentiate themselves, portfolios can be an excellent tool. I can assist you with creating portfolios that include such items as accomplishment summaries, project descriptions, technology skills lists, industry insight summaries and published article/book synopses.

Career support services. The workplace has dramatically changed over the last several decades and one notable outcome is that workers today are taking increasing responsibility for their career growth. In response to this development and the fact that career paths and needs vary tremendously today with options that include self-employment and contract work, I offer career professionals assistance with needs that include customer correspondence, sales or business development communications, sales support content, training information, process documentation, proposals, articles, reports and presentations.

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